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We offer comprehensive medical and aesthetic services tailored to enhance both health and beauty.

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Yarra Medical and Cosmetic Centre is a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare and aesthetic services, offering a range of cutting-edge treatments tailored to individual needs. With a dedicated team of professionals committed to personalized care and exceptional results, the center delivers excellence in both medical and cosmetic fields, ensuring patients receive the highest standard of care and achieve their health and beauty goals with confidence.


Medical Treatments

Guided by expertise and fueled by compassion, our medical treatments pave the path towards well-being.

Cosmetic Treatments

Elevating beauty through precision and innovation, our cosmetic treatments redefine confidence and radiance.











What our patients say

Torren Slipais

This clinic is amazing. They run on time, they assist with finding realistic payment options, they are professional and very quick to get your results form any specialist so they can assist you ASAP. I have never had such good experiences with a GP before. Great location, easy on PT.

Sookie Chan

I am delighted with the service provided by the friendly and informative staff. Additionally, the absence of a language barrier, with staff proficient in Mandarin and other languages, enhances the overall experience. The professional treatment received from Dr. Reza has been truly exceptional. I am thoroughly satisfied with the excellent service provided by Yarra Medical & Cosmetic Centre.

Louis Anastas

Went to the online booking link, got a prompt appointment for a sore ear. Doctor Resna was on time, courteous, and professional. Reception was the same, premises in Central Melbourne were clean and welcoming. Small out of pocket cost after Medicare rebate.

Sarah McLeod-Nibbs Dr Robin Chok

I had to get a vaccine and I’m terrified of needles. I was so nervous but Dr Ansari was so kind and comforting, he kept me distracted and did my shot without me even knowing. I genuinely didn’t feel the needle! Wonderful staff, great experience. 🙂

Bodhi Yoga

These guys we really friendly and helpful. Answered all my questions. I felt cared for and well informed. I’m really confident the results are going to look great! They were also really good value for money 🙂 Thank you Aston and his team. I can highly recommend them.

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For all Medicare Card Holders, a $30 out of Pocket fee applies!